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Questions To Ask Before Choosing Dermal Filler Treatment!!

When it is about the human body, it changes naturally with age, and those changes might incorporate new fine lines, wrinkles, saggy skin, and much more. There are many ways to minimize the aging signs, and one of them is via dermal filler.

Although these changes in the skin are completely basic and generally occur when an individual loses some of the subcutaneous fat that supports the skin. As time passes, the skin on the middle of the face shifts down too, causing the cheeks to sag a bit. In case, if you are thinking about taking derma fillers treatment in Richmond Hill, it is crucial to ask the below-mentioned questions with your cosmetic surgeon.

How do dermal fillers work

To volumize the area that has lost subcutaneous fat, muscle, and bone;  underneath the surface of the skin, fillers are injected. Additionally, fillers are perfect to create full lips, precisely define a tiny chin or soften abnormalities around and of the nose.

Are there any benefits associated with dermal fillers?

When performed by an expert or well-versed practitioner, dermal fillers can turn the world upside down by providing the face a more youthful skin. By artistically “sculpting” the brows, cheeks, and lips; an individual can become more captivating.

What about the risk of dermal filler injections?

However, there are rarely any side effects of derma fillers. But, if they occur they will be mild and can range from redness, bruising, tenderness, or swelling. If proper care is not being given to a patient, infection is always a possibility! For utmost safety, derma fillers should only be injected by a qualified medical practitioner who has gone through extensive training and experience.

Is there any specific area for fillers?

Fillers can be utilized to perform a liquid facelift for the aging face or just to boost one’s beauty.

 • Lip enhancement

 • Deep folds

 • Facial lines

 • Wrinkle correction

 • Lip augmentation

 • Facial contour shaping of the cheeks and as a temporary chin “implant” alternative

 • Thin lines on the face and above the lips

To what extent the filler treatment will last?

Fillers are long-lasting! They can last for 9-18 months based on the area they have been used.

Is it okay to combine derma fillers with other treatments?

Yes, it is okay! Dermal fillers can be used with BOTOX Cosmetic laser treatments (such as Fraxel, Isolaz, Clear and Brilliant, and Thermage) to boost the rejuvenation process. Moreover, BOTOX Cosmetic treatments, along with dermal fillers are one of the basic combinations that double the effects of dermal fillers.

Can both men and women go under derma filler treatment?

Yes, absolutely! Since technology has gotten advanced, more and more men comprehend the advantages of facial rejuvenation to keep up themselves according to a youth-driven society.

These were some questions that can give you a real insight if derma filler is right for you or not. For any further assistance, please feel free to get in touch with us.

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