Why Do Surgeons Recommend Lymphatic Drainage Massage After Liposuction?

In the early period following liposuction, the surgery patients experience swelling, bruising, and discomfort. And this is all because liposuction is a relatively invasive procedure. Experts either inject a significant amount of medicated fluid into the area or use ultrasonic vibration to liquefy the fat. They do this before suctioning fat out using a sharp-ended vacuum tube.

When fat is removed by liposuction, it causes damage to blood and lymphatic vessels as well as the destruction of cells and connective tissues. This leads to the accumulation of blood and lymph fluids and the creation of more space for them to pool.

As surgeons are aware of these side effects, they design a proper aftercare plan, which also includes lymphatic drainage massage. It’s said that lymphatic drainage massage for lipo is very effective.

Let’s understand what lymphatic drainage massage is and why doctors recommend it after liposuction.

Lymphatic Drainage Massage for Lipo

Offered by a physiotherapist and massage therapist, the lymphatic drainage massage is about using sequences of gentle massage strokes. This massage therapy stimulates the flow of fluid, relieving swelling. Ideally, surgeons recommend drainage massage for lipo along with compression garments.

Reasons surgeons recommend lymphatic drainage massage after liposuction 

To decrease the risk of infections and complications

Though scars and hardness caused after liposuction diminishes over time, experts recommend lymphatic drainage massage as it accelerates the removal. It’s because prolonged swelling or fluid-filled pockets slow down the recovery and compromise results. Lymphatic drainage massage releases fluid and decreases inflammation. Other than this, the massage reduces the risk of infection as it plays an important role in immune cell transport, improving the overall immune response.

To minimize recovery time 

Lymphatic drainage massage enhances circulation and flow of fluid in lymphatic vessels, speeding up the healing process. Also, massage therapy releases any trapped blood cells that diminish bruising.

When inflammation and bruising get minimized, you visibly see the results of liposuction faster.

To reduce pain 

As already mentioned, liposuction is relatively invasive. So, there is some sort of pain involved. You cannot say that liposuction is pain-free even after being invasive. For some people, the pain lasts for a few days.

To reduce pain, surgeons recommend lymphatic drainage massage after liposuction. The gentle hand movements around the treated area decrease pain both during and after liposuction.

To optimize lipo results 

One of the most important reasons why surgeons recommend lymphatic drainage massage after liposuction is to achieve desired results. As massage reduces the risk of infection and complications such as scarring and fluid buildup, you achieve the slimmed-down appearance as expected.

When taken with compression garments and additional recovery instructions, the lymphatic massage optimizes lipo results.

These are the major reasons why surgeons recommend lymphatic drainage massage after liposuction. Just keep in mind that massage therapy will only benefit you and not cause only problems. The only thing is you need to visit an experienced physiotherapist or massage therapist.

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