Create a Fuller, Natural Eyebrow with Microblading Services at Glow Med Clinic in Richmond Hill

Microblading is one of the modern and natural-looking ways of creating flawlessly shaped brows. It's a semi-permanent cosmetics tattoo technique that uses hair-like strokes of varying lengths and thicknesses to fill in gaps and reshape brows.

At Glow Med Clinic, our professional artists can help you address imperfections and achieve natural-looking eyebrows. A microblading treatment can take anywhere from one to three hours, depending on your needs, but you'll leave with the best-looking brows you've ever seen!

What Is the Process of Microblading Treatment?

Our expert uses pen-like equipment with extremely fine (micro) needles to make 1mm deep strokes on the skin. Then, they inject a specific color into the incision and ensure that everything flows naturally.

These fine strokes smooth out uneven brows and add depth and shape to them. The end result is a set of bold, full, and natural-looking brows.

After the procedure, it’s almost impossible to identify the difference between microblading and natural hair! It's ideal for those who have thin, pale, or spotty brows, and it can even add definition to blonde brows. When you contact us for microblading in Richmond Hill, you are in control. So, if you have any queries, feel free to visit or call us.

How Long Will Microblading Eyebrows Last?

Microblading technique has the advantage of providing long-lasting effects. Your fuller brows should last anywhere between one and three years. You may need a touch-up in some cases, but this will depend on your skincare routine, how often you touch the region, and other factors.

Your brows won't need makeup for at least a year after that! It will be a year of no pencils, no definers, no brow mascara with artificial colors, and no hassle or stress!

What Should You Do After Your Microblading Procedure for Best Results?

Microblading involves making very small incisions and injecting pigment into the dermis. As a result, some healing is involved. It's critical to take precautions for the first week to ten days after the treatment to ensure that the skin heals properly.

  • While your eyebrows heal, avoid placing pressure on them. Avoid rubbing your eyes, and prefer sleeping on your back rather than your stomach.
  • Keep your brows from getting wet. Wash your face with caution, and instead of washing your hair in the shower, try using a dry shampoo alternative. You should avoid swimming until they have healed.
  • Try not to sweat. Sweat contains salt, which can impede healing and fade the color. Avoid working out, taking hot showers, and using hot tubs and saunas. In order to keep sweat from entering your brows, use a balm to create a protective barrier.
  • When the incisions have finished healing, they should scab, but don't scratch or pick them off. That could cause skin and color damage. Allow them to fall out naturally.
  • Make sure your brows are completely healed before applying makeup.

Let's Get In Touch!

Microblading makes it possible to have thicker, fuller brows than ever before. We can deliver the size, shape, arch, and color you want. Contact Glow Med Clinic today to make an appointment for microblading in Richmond Hill!

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