Microneedling in Richmond Hill, ON

Micro-needling, also known as Collagen Induction Therapy (CIT), is a
“medical cosmetic procedure where very fine needles puncture the skin to
various depths to cause a controlled injury and induce the skin to make
more collagen, resulting in clearer complexion.”

(Collins Dictionary)

When done right, using high-quality equipment and products, micro-
needling becomes one of the most cost-effective modalities for: skin

resurfacing, sagging skin, wrinkles, scars, pigmentation, stretch marks and
other common skin concerns.

The eDermaStamp ®

eDermaStamp® is an electronic micro-needling device, manufactured by Dermaroller® – the
original company from Germany who invented the concept of aesthetic micro-needling for
medical-aesthetic applications. With eDermaStamp® you get:

Surgical-grade equipment
• Surgical-grade sterilized needles
• German quality engineering and production
• Highest perforation rate (150 sps)

• Most advanced safety features
• Highest quality products, specifically designed
for micro-needling
• Unmatched results


  • Skin infections, cold sores or open wounds, sunburn
  • Significant coagulation disorder, coagulation treatment/blood thinner
  • Treatment with high-does of corticosteroids
  • Warts, moles or skin tags
  • Acne in active status with papules and pustules
  • Pregnancy and breastfeeding
  • Diabetes and lupos
  • Eczema, impetigo (infection produced by bacteria that produces blisters)
  • Skin cancer and people who are undergoing chemotherapy or radiotherapy


  • $300 per session
  • Package of 3: $810

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