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After surgery, our body gets exposed to trauma in the tissues, joints, and muscles. If you have undergone surgery in Richmond Hill or a neighboring region, we, at Glow Med Clinic can help you heal and recover faster through post-operative massage.

As the name suggests, post-operative massage is a massage therapy that is best suited for those who are recovering after a general surgical operation, orthopedic surgery, or plastic surgery and need proper rest and rehabilitation.

A post-operative massage therapy is tailored to enhance the flow of blood and lymphatic fluid to promote recovery and healing using LPG. The lymphatic system in our body is responsible for processing waste and absorbing fluids. Usually, after surgery, these fluids can harden which can sometimes be very painful. However, post-operative massage can prevent and treat the hardening of fluids by decreasing inflammation and increasing circulation in the affected area.

Apart from promoting blood and lymph fluid circulation and alleviating pain and inflammation, a post-operative massage can also help in reducing discomfort and scarring. Therefore, many healthcare practitioners recommend post-operative massage to their patients after surgery.

What a Post-operative Massage Can Help With

  • Reducing post-operative pain, anxiety, and muscular tension
  • Improving relaxation and satisfaction by lowering stress
  • Clearing fluid cellular wastes that get clogged up in the lymphatic system
  • Reducing swelling by relaxing muscles and improving circulation of blood and fluids in the body
  • Faster healing of wounds by nourishing the affected area through proper blood and oxygen flow
  • Shortening surgical healing time
  • Promoting cellular and tissue repair
  • Reducing surrounding discomfort by re-aligning affected muscles and joints
  • Breaking up internal and external scar tissues and preventing more scar tissue formation
  • Increasing the flexibility and mobility of muscles and joints
  • Strengthening immune system
  • Improving mood by making patients feel relaxed

Types of Post-operative Massage

At Glow Med Clinic, we aim to help our clients feel better, relieve pain, and boost their healing process. Thus, depending on what surgery you have undergone and what discomfort you are going through, we can plan a customized post-operative massage therapy treatment for you.

What Should I Know Before Scheduling Post-operative Massage Appointment

When it comes to getting a post-operative massage, don’t hurry for massage therapy after undergoing surgery. First, you should consult your doctor to decide when it would be the best time to start your post-operative massage. We can also help you get an idea of when you should begin your massage therapy.

Whatever kind of discomfort you are feeling, you can speak to us openly. Be sure to inform us of any problem areas you have noticed after surgery. It will help us plan an effective post-operative massage treatment for you.

Post-operative massage is an excellent complementary therapy treatment that you can seek after surgery for faster recovery and healing.

So, if you have had surgery and looking for a remedy to ease your pain, discomfort, or movement, book a consultation appointment at Glow Med Clinic today for post-operative massage therapy in Richmond Hill or neighboring areas.   

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